How to Know if Renting or Owning a Home is Right For You

So, you’re looking at moving and you’re not sure if renting or owning a home is right for you… You’re not sure if one is a better financial decision than the other… You’re not sure if you’ll be able to find the type of house or apartment you’d like to live in… You’re not sure … Continued

Can I Earn Equity with a Rent to Own Agreement?

Can I earn equity with a rent to own agreement? This question comes up a lot… and really, the answer depends on what the property owner wants to do when they’re offering their home as a rent to own. One of the benefits of owning a home is that you (hopefully) earn equity as you … Continued

Rent To Own – How Does It Work?

Curious to know more about rent to own homes in Southern California? Keep reading to find out how it works and to know whether rent to own is right for you Most people think of renting a house or owning a house… but few realize there is an amazing “middle ground” – rent to own … Continued

Can I Find Rent to Own Homes Here in the Inland Empire Area?

First, it helps to become familiar with different names and terms: rent to own, lease option, lease with option to buy, and lease purchase are often used interchangeably, depending on who you ask. Not all properties are advertised this way, but technically any property can be sold through a rent to own agreement. If you would … Continued

Renting An Apartment vs Renting A House in Southern California

So, you’re looking for a place to rent in Southern California? As you’ve already seen… there are a lot of options in the Southern California area for housing. All the way from apartments in Southern California to rental houses in Southern California… condos… mobile homes, and more. But if you’re struggling to decide if you … Continued

The Costs of Rent to Own Housing – For the Southern California Area

Owning a home — it’s part of the American Dream! Home ownership gives a sense of freedom, security, and permanence. Americans dream of growing up, finding a home, and starting a family; they dream of owning their own piece of land and proudly knowing “it’s mine.” Millions of families want a nice home, a white … Continued