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A Full Service Rent To Own Company Helping Southern California Residents Own Their Own Home.

Learn how we can help you become a homeowner here in Southern California even if you can’t buy a home the “traditional” way. We’re here to give those with POOR or NO credit hope and the privilege of home ownership.

Learn about us, why we exist, and how we can help you!

About Us

We’re an excellent source for great Rent to Own homes here in Southern California. We’re constantly striving to provide as many Rent to Own homes to people as possible. To get our free list of Rent to Own properties just click here.

Our focus is simple… Find great homes in Southern California and offer them on a Rent to Own basis. We want to help people become homeowners when they can’t otherwise purchase a home right now.

Our Role in the Southern California Real Estate Market

A significant number of people want to buy a home, but can’t qualify for a mortgage loan. Sellers want to sell, and buyers want to buy… but many are not able to.

That’s why we took action!

We help to ensure that homes here are occupied with people who will care for them and their community.

We want the Southern California economy and the real estate market to prosper.

We love helping people reach their dreams. That’s what makes it worthwhile.

We help people throughout Southern California who aren’t ready to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan just yet. They can get into a great home that they can eventually own – but can live in the home right away while working on their credit, etc.

We’re proud to help our community!